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Allectum helps veterans navigating civilian careers and opportunities
At Allectum, we deeply appreciate and recognise the valuable skillsets possessed by Veterans and Defence Force Personnel. We are proud to collaborate closely with handpicked individuals from the Australian Defence Force to help them seamlessly transition into civilian workplace roles, thereby enriching their career prospects and opportunities.

ADF Veterans Career Pathways
& Resources

Allectum originated from a deep commitment to discovering, nurturing, and empowering military veterans, enabling them to advance their professional paths and contribute valuable expertise to the Government & Industry Leaders. Our team includes ex-defence personnel, so we understand the challenges veterans face transitioning from ADF to a civilian career.

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As a distinguished cyber security and cloud service provider, Allectum consistently plays a pivotal role in connecting highly skilled individuals to the most reputable organisations in the industry and government departments. These institutions rely on our expertise to source security-cleared professionals who not only meet their rigorous standards but also bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to bolster their cyber security and cloud computing initiatives. This collaboration results in a win-win scenario, where our talented professionals find rewarding career paths, and our clients benefit from the exceptional expertise and dedication of these individuals, ensuring the security and efficiency of their operations. If this piques your interest, we encourage you to reach out to us!



How we help with the challenges associated with careers in Cyber Security & Cloud Services. With Allectum, you’re in good hands.
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Cyber & Cloud Upskilling

At Allectum, we empower our workforce with advanced training programs, enhancing their expertise in cyber security and ICT. Elevate your career with us and stay ahead in the digital age.

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Opportunities for Veterans

Explore Allectum’s current job openings in the ever-evolving realms of cloud technology and cybersecurity, where your career can take flight in an environment of innovation and growth.
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Helpful Resources

We offer comprehensive employment support and resources, equipping you with the tools and guidance needed for a successful and fulfilling career journey. Your success is our priority.
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Veteran Employment Program

Allectum supports its employees in obtaining essential security clearances, opening doors to exciting opportunities in the realm of secure and impactful work.
We’re Putting Veterans
at the forefront
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Veteran Skilled Workforce

Allectum was born out of a passion for finding, fostering, and supporting veterans to grow their careers and provide real capability to Government and industry-leading organisations throughout Australia.
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Defence & National Security

Today Allectum has expanded this passion to include the wider Defence and National Security community. We continue to prioritise building genuine relationships on our journey, creating tailored, real-world insights and solutions for our clients.
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Platinum Pledge Partner

Soldier On is Australia’s only national, fully integrated support services provider for members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and their families. Allectum is proud to be a Platinum Pledge partner.
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Employment Program

Allectum is a proud supporter of the Australian Government Veteran Employment program. Raising awareness of the skills, values and experience veterans bring to other levels of government as well as the private sector.
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Want to know more about working with Allectum?

Allectum provides the Commonwealth, Defence and National Intelligence related agencies with key enablers for ICT transformation, operational agility, and process management excellence, enabling clients to meet future goals, mitigate risk and realise cost savings while ensuring mission success.
At Allectum, our dedication to your career distinguishes us. We aim to enrich your personal and professional growth by offering ample opportunities to enhance your skills, knowledge, and experiences.

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