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Leadership Team

Our leaders at Allectrum are renowned for their exceptional talent, extensive knowledge, and valuable experience. They are dedicated to leveraging technology in order to assist you in attaining your business objectives.

Introducing Our Team

Allectum’s leadership is characterised by exceptional talent, vast knowledge, and valuable experience. Our leaders are devoted to harnessing technology’s potential to help you achieve your business objectives. Expertise, honed through years of working in diverse industries, equips us to provide innovative solutions and strategic guidance that align with your company’s goals. Our commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest industry trends ensures that Allectum remains at the forefront of leveraging technology for your success.
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Head of Cloud Services

Nathan Heberley

Nathan has operated in the public and private sectors for over 20 years. He has extensive experience within multiple areas of the ITS portfolio including architecture, software development, business intelligence, service delivery and infrastructure.

Through many complex and challenging roles Nathan has developed a strong understanding of the interconnected nature of the information technology landscape and the importance that it correctly empowers the organisation it serves. These roles have provided strong capabilities in architecture, vendor, project, change and stakeholder management as well as a deep understanding of technology. Nathan is also a graduate of the Australian Royal Military College and served for 10 years as an officer within the Australian Army Reserve.

As the Head of Cloud Services, Nathan works with Allectum’s Defence and National Security clients to provide solutions critical to Australia’s Defence.

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Head of Cyber Security

Ben McNiven

Ben is a business solutions focused ICT professional with over 20 years experience across several private and public sector organisations. He has a proven ability to identify and analyse customer business problems and a demonstrated capacity to provide robust and innovative solutions.

As a qualified IRAP assessor, Ben has completed consultancy, delivery and assessment of ICT security for a wide range of organisations. In addition to rigorous compliance based assessments, he has a strong background in delivery of pragmatic advice and guidance on risk mitigation within business and budget constraints, and challenging environments.

Ben exhibits communication and liaison skills of a high order and has been selected to represent Defence and consultancy interests in the international arena on several occasions, in addition to establishing excellent productive relationships within various domestic government departments and industry. Ben has strong business communication skills and can communicate with clients of varying backgrounds at all levels within an organisation.

Ben is the Head of Cyber Security, providing robust and secure solutions to Allectum’s Defence and National Security clients.

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Head of Capability and Delivery

Kirrali Starke

Kirrali has extensive experience within the public and private sectors in technical Program and Project Management. With a focus on Cyber Security Kirrali has a strong client delivery focus across various areas within Defence including Military and corporate.

Utilising her communication and stakeholder engagement skills, Kirrali’s focus on project leadership and support leads teams to successful delivery of capability. Her background in Risk Management and Financial Planning brings an analytical and connected view to client concerns and requirements, with Kirrali able to translate these views between big picture and technical details to ensure informed client decisions.

Kirrali is passionate about supporting and mentoring and believes placing people in roles that will serve purpose and achievement is critical to success.

As the Head of Capability and Delivery Kirrali oversees Allectum’s project leadership and support functions for Defence and National Security clients, as well as Federal Government departments and agencies.

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Account Lead

Peter Horrocks

Peter has an extensive career in Leadership, Management and Consulting and has been delivering unique and innovative solutions to complex problems, in secure environments, for nearly 30 years: as a uniformed member of the Defence Force, as a member of the Public Service whilst an officer for DFAT, in private industry as a member of major multi-national consultancies, as a senior member of boutique consultancies and technology providers, and a provider of niche advice in his own right.

Beyond his original degree Peter holds a wide range of qualifications and recognition of skills in the professional and technology sectors. Most notably he is a graduate, with a Master of Science in Military Electronic Systems Engineering, of the Royal Military College of Science (UK) where he was also the winner of multiple awards from the IEEE. In addition to RMC of Sc, he is also a graduate of the Australian Defence Force Academy, the Royal Military College – Duntroon, and the Australian Command and Staff College.

Peter has developed and demonstrated the ability to lead, and deliver in any scenario or circumstance, for any client with a complex problem to solve. Peter delivers expert assistance, when requested, to aid in the development and growth of junior and intermediate leaders within organisations of all kinds through guidance, advice, and formal coaching. Peter has detailed understanding of Organisational design and structures.

As an Account Lead, Peter manages the day-to-day people and operations for Allectum’s Defence and National Security clients.



We support and encourage an independent thinking and entrepreneurial focused team.

Allectum operates with little hierarchy because we want the whole team to be a part of its planning, operation and future direction. Lower bureaucracy also means plenty of cross-learning opportunities to work on projects and make a real contribution in developing the business. We know that the more successful our team are, the more successful our clients are.

The team recognise that an inclusive workplace is about ensuring everyone feels comfortable being themselves at work. We celebrate individuality in our work environment and recognise that diversity of thought is critical to success.

Our team has a strong focus on learning to ensure our client outcomes, while enabling the development of our professional passions so that we may tackle whatever challenges come our way.

The leadership team of Allectum are passionate about ensuring we build an environment which will entice, recruit, retain and continue to enhance the best professionals within the market.

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Cloud & Cyber Security Services

We are a comprehensive Cloud and Cyber Security professional services firm, equipped with a proficient team of security-cleared professionals. Our team excels in delivering capabilities, fostering operational agility, and achieving process management excellence. Our expertise empowers you to achieve your future objectives, mitigate risks, realise cost efficiencies, all while ensuring the success of your mission.
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