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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Academy Employers

Allectum, in partnership with SANS, is delivering a Cyber Academy exclusively for Australian veterans

Academy Status

Applications for the academy are now Closed

Veteran Cyber Academy - Employers

SANS, in partnership with Allectum, is delivering a Cyber Academy exclusively for Australian veterans.

SANS Veteran Cyber Academy is an intensive training programme designed to give carefully selected students the tools, in-depth cyber security knowledge and certifications they require to be immediately deployable and effective within an enterprise, in just 16 weeks.

“The Academy is like the Harvard Business School for cyber - you know the graduates are going in based on their aptitude and will be going through the best training possible.”

- Jim Fox, Head of Cyber Development at e2e

Graduates of the SANS Cyber Academy programme will have obtained a number of certifications that demonstrate their practical capabilities and knowledge. These are based on examinations proctored at the Cyber Academy and align with our ANSI certified assessment body, GIAC. Graduates will complete three major certifications: GIAC Foundational Cybersecurity Technologies (GFACT), GIAC Security Essentials Certification (GSEC), and GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH).

Successful graduates of the Cyber Academy programme would be suitable for a role in a security advisory team, incident response or a SOC analyst role. They may often have broader knowledge and expertise than existing security specialists, however, still need time to formalise their understanding of the enterprise and to develop deeper technical understanding through experience.

We conduct continuous assessment and report back on the progress of the students’ development and learning, which is included in our recommendations on role alignment and areas of strength and weakness. This report, combined with aptitude results and incremental assessments, will be an extremely helpful asset in placing the individual at work. Employers are also offered the chance to discuss the results with SANS and Allectum to maximise their success in the workplace.

Employer Engagement

Unique to the Veteran Cyber Academy recruitment process is the level of transparency offered to potential employers.

Potential employers are encouraged to engage in the programme as early on as possible and to discuss their specific requirements with SANS and Allectum. On request, employers are able to view the students’ CVs and Aptitude results.

All students are profiled and tracked online throughout the training programme and employers are therefore able to view and monitor individuals’ performance and progress. All potential employers are also given the opportunity to attend and engage in virtual careers fairs, which take place during the 16 weeks of training, offering the chance to meet and interact with the students prior to their graduation.

To register your interest in engaging with SANS and Allectum in the Veteran Cyber Academy, gaining access to the online student tracker, or if you are interested in recruiting an Academy graduate, please email:

“The Academy is an innovative way to develop the skills of individuals that might not previously have thought they had the aptitude for a career in cyber security the opportunity to develop their talent which in turn provides organisations such as Fujitsu a great opportunity to meet and hopefully employ people with these valuable skills which are in short supply.

At the previous Academy, I had the pleasure to meet the students at an employer fair and was awed with the opportunity the Academy gives individuals and amazed at the students’ talents.”
- Catherine Irvine, Senior Business and Development Manager, Security Operations Centre Enterprise and Cyber Security – UK&I Product Business, Fujitsu

There will be opportunities available for employers to engage with participants of the Academy at Careers Fairs and employer-hosted evenings.

To find out more about how you can support our graduates, please email

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