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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Veterans Cyber Academy

Allectum, in partnership with SANS, is proud to offer a fully-funded scholarship exclusively for Australian veterans. An intensive and immersive 16-week training program, the Academy aims to encourage and develop potential new cybersecurity professionals.

Academy Status

Applications for the academy are now Closed

The Veteran Cyber Academy

Cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a top global priority for governments and businesses. Despite the fact that Australia has a world-class cybersecurity sector, there is still currently a significant shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals.

“The Academy is like the Harvard Business School for cyber - you know the graduates are going in based on their aptitude, and will be going through the best training possible.”
- Jim Fox, Head of Cyber Development at e2e

In response to this growing challenge, SANS, in partnership with Allectum, has created the Veteran Cyber Academy. An intensive and immersive 16-week training program, the Academy aims to encourage and develop potential new cybersecurity professionals. The program has been tailored to meet the specific cybersecurity needs of today’s enterprises and government.

What To Expect From The Veteran Cyber Academy

  • A unique and proven program that assists in meeting the widening demand for skilled cybersecurity practitioners.

  • Training you to be a GIAC-certified professional, ready to be deployed into cybersecurity roles in just 16 weeks.

  • Designed for veterans with little or no prior experience of cybersecurity. It prepares you comprehensively for the security roles you will be entering into, introducing you to basic principles, alongside material from SANS’ world-class training courses and real-life, practical simulations and team exercises.

The training program is fully funded and will take place online, beginning 21st February 2022, and ending on 10th June 2022.

Throughout the training program Allectum will support your transition into employment. Employers will also engage with you during your training, through Careers Fairs and employer-hosted evenings, with the aim of developing your skills and improving your employability.

Previous Academies

SANS runs multiple programs globally on an annual basis. Here are three examples of Academies which have been run before to give you a good impression of what to expect from our Veteran Cyber Academy Australia.

Cyber Academy 2015

Candidates selected for the SANS Cyber Academy 2015 program in the UK, represented a broad range of backgrounds, age groups and career histories. Cyber Academy 2015 graduates have secured excellent roles across several different security disciplines, including digital forensics, penetration testing, security research and product security testing, with such renowned organisations as NATO, Airbus, Raytheon and GE Aviation.

“Cyber Academy is the greatest opportunity I’ve ever had in my life.”
- 2015 Cyber Academy Graduate

Cyber Retraining Academy 2017

The cybersecurity retraining program ran from January to March 2017 in the UK, with 55 students enrolling. On 31st March, 2017, the day that the Academy formally ended, 16 of the graduates had already secured a role within the cybersecurity profession. As of 21st August, 2017, 38 were employed in the cybersecurity profession with a further 7 working in other IT roles and putting their security knowledge to good use.

“The Academy was an excellent opportunity and an experience that I will never forget, the standard of instruction was first class. The entire SANS team was very supportive and genuinely cared about all students and quick to offer a helping hand if needed”.
- 2017 Cyber Retraining Academy Graduate

US VetSuccess Academy

The US VetSuccess Academy is part of the SANS CyberTalent Immersion Academy program, an intensive, accelerated training program that provides SANS world-class training and GIAC certifications to launch careers quickly and effectively in cybersecurity. In the VetSuccess Academies, we have enabled hundreds of veterans to “stay in the fight” after they leave service by giving them cyber skills to add to their many skills developed as soldiers.

“What I loved about the program was the focus on skills and not exam preparation. Putting the GIAC certifications on my résumé helped me get the interview but what I learned in the program got me through the technical reviews and laid the foundations for the work I do every day. During my very short job hunt, I was in the pleasant position of choosing from multiple offers in my field”.
- VetSuccess Academy Graduate


If you would like to apply to become a student of the academy please click on the link below





There will be opportunities available for employers to engage with participants of the Academy at Careers Fairs and employer-hosted evenings.

To find out more about how you can support our graduates, please email



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