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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Veterans' Employment Program

Allectum recognises the skills and experience of veterans and as such has signed the Veterans' Employment Commitment

Allectum is a Veteran Friendly Workplace

Allectum was founded by two Veterans with a desire to deliver strong value to the Australian Public Service (APS) with a particular focus on the Defence and National Security sectors. We recognise and have experienced the world class training the Australian Defence Force (ADF) members receive and want to ensure these significant skills are appropriately applied and tailored to the civilian context.

As part of this focus we have signed the Veterans' Employment Program, as a public sign of our commitment to Veterans and the value they deliver.

We declare our commitment to:

  • recognise the skills and value that veterans can bring to Allectum
  • support the employment of veterans and ensure that veterans have equal opportunity within our organisation
  • provide career opportunities and career pathways
  • actively seek to understand how veterans’ skills and experience can translate into civilian skills
  • provide suitable training, mentoring and coaching to veterans to assist their integration into Allectum
  • ensure our human resource policies equitably support the recruitment and retention of all employees, including veterans

Beyond this we will continue to develop our Ready, Industry Ready and Defence Ready career pathways to ensure Defence members are able to recognise, align with and pursue their chosen civilian career. 


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