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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Soldier On Gold Pledge Partner

By being a Gold Pledge partner we want to support Soldier On’s vision of enabling serving and ex-serving veterans and their families to thrive.

Who Are Solider On

Soldier On is Australia’s only national, fully integrated support services provider for members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and their families. Through the delivery of holistic services, Soldier On provides support to those who have served and continue to serve in the ADF.

As a national charity, Soldier On supports more than 5,000 veterans and their family members through our Health and Wellbeing services, Employment Support, Learning and Education Programs, as well as Participation and Social Connection activities. Their services help individuals build resilience and create meaningful connections with family, community and employers.

Our Veteran Community

Every year an average of 6,000 Australian Defence Force personnel leave military service, having risen through the ranks of their chosen discipline while contributing to the nation’s security and wellbeing.

Translating the unique skills and capabilities they have developed, to a civilian career can be confronting and stressful.

Job-seeking abilities taken for granted by many of us – crafting a strong CV, performing well in an interview, networking to secure that next big career break – can represent a huge shift in mindset for those who’ve spent their lives in Defence.

The challenge can often prove too much, with some veterans simply giving up on looking for meaningful long-term careers after leaving service, while others are left socially isolated or suffering mental health issues due to a lack of direction and purpose.

The Pledge helps serving and ex-serving veterans and their families to secure their future careers.

By rallying Australian businesses behind the serving and ex-serving veterans and their families, who have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe, Soldier On is creating real pathways to rewarding post-military careers for ex-service men and women and their immediate family members.

As well as offering a helping hand to those who’ve been the backbone of our nation, we are ensuring that corporate Australia benefits from the incredibly valuable contribution serving and ex-serving veterans and their families offer the workplace.

Serving and ex-serving veterans and their families have many sought-after skills including project and change management, analytics and reporting, situational and security awareness, leadership, problem solving and stakeholder management. The Pledge encourages companies to show support and thanks to the veteran community.

As a Pledge Partner who may be struggling to find the right people at a time of global change, you can gain the opportunity to get to know the Soldier On veteran community and see the high-level of skills they can bring to a team.

What Is The Pledge

The Pledge is a way for organisations demonstrate their commitment and support for serving and ex-serving veterans and their families, in collaboration with the Soldier On Pathways Program. By signing The Pledge you will help bring about positive change by supporting Soldier On’s vision to enable serving and ex-serving veterans and their families to thrive.

The Pathways Program supports any person who has served in the Australian Defence Force for any period of time since 1990, and their immediate family members. By providing practical help such as resume development, assisting with job applications, providing career advice and connections to job opportunities, Soldier On helps support successful transitions.

By signing The Pledge, you and your organisation are making a true commitment in supporting veteran employment.

The Pledge is a voluntary standard that enables organisations across Australia to signal their support for current and ex-serving personnel and their families by creating ‘veteran friendly’ workplaces and embracing the skills and attributes they offer.

Soldier On works directly with each Pledge Partner to provide advice about employing and recruiting serving and ex-serving veterans and their families, build meaningful connections, and facilitate channels for quality job applicants. By signing The Pledge, organisations can easily connect with the dynamic and diverse talent pool that is the Australian veteran community.

Ultimately, each Pledge Partner will play an important part in ensuring Soldier On can achieve its vision: To enable serving and ex-serving veterans and their families to thrive.

The Pledge

The Soldier On Pledge continues to publicly celebrate companies that go above and beyond to provide long-term, tangible support for serving and ex-serving veterans and their families.

The Pledge provides Allectum with the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment in core areas:

As a Pledge Partner Allectum will be highly visible to current serving and ex-serving veterans and their immediate families as supportive organisations. We will facilitate strong relationships between company recruitment teams and Soldier On to provide support and advocacy for candidates in the Pathways Program.

Retention including training and development
Retaining serving and ex-serving veterans and family members in the workplace is a key focus of The Pledge, to ensure successful and meaningful transitions. Training and development is critical to increasing retention levels and supporting meaningful, long-term careers. Workplace programs that encourage and develop serving and ex-serving veterans and their families will be celebrated through the Soldier On Pathways Program.

Workplace culture and communication
Building organisational knowledge and understanding of The Soldier On Pledge and veteran communities will help serving and ex-serving veterans and their families integrate and feel valued. Soldier On provides regular opportunities for every Pledge Partner to learn about the veteran community, including attendance at Soldier On events and fundraising campaigns.

Further Information

Additional information regarding Soldier On and The Pledge can be found at the following website:

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